Saturday, 10 August 2013

Playgrounds, Procrastination and Pottermore

Today I had an awesome day out with my kiddies. I woke up over an hour late and rushed to get everyone ready. We met up with my friend Paul and his three little ones and let them loose at a local play center. They ran around like crazy for a couple of hours and then we headed out to get lunch. We got fish and chips from a shop around the corner and had an impromptu picnic in the park across the road, which involved some more running and swinging and climbing before it was time to go. They had a great time and haven't shut up all afternoon/night about when we're going to do it again! I'm so glad the kids all get along. I knew they would, they're all so adorable, but seeing them all running around together having fun made me super happy.

This evening I'm trying to get some work done on an assignment. It has me tearing my hair out, I swear. I've been working on it for hours and seriously have nothing done. It sounded incredibly easy but its proving quite frustrating finding all the information I need. I'm really tired, last night was another night of little sleep, so I'm thinking I might just have to give up for today and try it again in the morning. I feel a little defeated and deflated, but hopefully I have more luck tomorrow.

I registered for Pottermore ages ago but at that stage there wasn't much going on there so I never used it and forgot my login details. A few days ago my friend said new features had been added and she'd been using it again, so I re-registered and have whittled away quite a few hours on there. Its fun and relaxing, and interesting! So on that note, I think its time for some Pottermore before bed.

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