Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hair After

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I tried to do an ombre of sorts in my hair. The light purple didn't pick up very well, nor did the pink, but I still think overall it looks pretty. If I try it again, I'll make my light purple and the pink a little darker and the dark purple darker still.

Before and After

It looks MUCH better curled than it does straight. Curling it exposes all the nice, richly purple bottom layers, and that really emphasizes the pink in contrast. Its not perfect, but I'm happy enough with it. I had a look online last night for the Special Effects dye I read about, but I can't seem to find any stores that have both colours I want in stock! Just my luck really. I'll keep an eye out and in the meantime I still have a little stock of Fudge to get through.


  1. This is so awesome!!!! I so want pastel hair, but I just started a new job so I think I need to give it some time.

    Life of Mabel

    1. Yeah definitely, I've had brightly coloured hair in several workplaces but some are less tolerant than others unfortunately.
      I think you'd look great with it though! :)

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    1. Thanks! I'll definitely check out your blog :)


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