Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Old Dress

I kind of go through fits and phases with my clothing colours. I'll go through a period where everything I buy is bright and bold, then another period where most things are black or otherwise dark. At the moment I'm on a real floral kick, and when I saw this dress on ebay I had to have it. It arrived on Friday and I wore it today. It feels so nice on. Its a nice, thick fabric that feels like it holds me in, its tight and loose in all the right places, its a perfect length and its so darn cute!

I wore it with my peach cardigan, which is fast becoming a wardrobe staple. I love the colour and its my cardigan of choice any time I can get away with wearing it. I was a bit iffy about wearing it with this dress at first, but hesitation faded fast and I thought it looked cute with the orange in the dress.

Today was my full day of classes, but one of the units I'm doing finishes next week so I'm kinda sad about that. I have several assignments due in the next week or two so I'm going to be pretty busy. I was planning on spending tomorrow making a new skirt, but that's going to have to wait until I'm at least satisfied with the amount of progress I've made on my work. Instead, I'll be spending tomorrow in the university library where I can work on things uninterrupted. 

Today we had a field trip to another nearby library. Its located on a high school campus and is used doubly by the school and the community as their public library. Its quite small as it was built when the area was pretty remote. The area is still very rural, but the city has expanded so much in the last 20 years that now its only about 20 minutes out of town. Its still very tiny and services some remote customers as well as the local community. I really enjoyed our visit. Its such a cozy library, books crammed in every available space, richly decorated with murals, streamers, posters and children's artwork. The staff there seem to really love their library, and I think that seeps into the walls and shelves. So far every place we've visited has made me look more forward to getting a job in this field. I can't wait to do my work placement and find out what its really like to spend a week or two working there. Hopefully the job still holds its charm!


  1. this dress is so cute. it looks amazing with your hair colour.


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