Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Bit Burnt Out

Hello everyone. I've been feeling pretty exhausted lately. I've had a sick little dude at home, loads of assignments to get done and a terrible sleep schedule which has all contributed to me not writing on here as often as I originally planned. That being said, I don't want my blog to completely fall by the wayside so I'm going to increase my efforts and make sure I keep to my plan of blogging at least every other day.

All of last week my son was home from school sick. It involved a serious lack of sleep due to his being up and down all night and I had to skip my classes and couldn't get much work done from home, so this week is a lot of playing catch up. Yesterday was little guy's first day back at school and I spent the whole day at the library working on assignments. I managed to make a fair bit of progress, which felt great after spending a week being super unproductive. Today is normally my full day but one of the classes has finished for the term so I only need to attend in the afternoon. Because I missed last week I got myself mixed up and thought I was meant to be in this morning too, and I wasn't the only one, three other people showed up too. We spent the morning working on our assignments and chatting together before the afternoon class which was business as usual.

I got home and found out my package from Modcloth had arrived! I was so excited to open it and also worried that the dresses wouldn't fit. I tried them all on though and they're awesome! One of them is slightly large around the top, but its really not a big deal, just a little baggy at the back. I could probably take it in, but I think I'll just leave it as I don't think it will be noticeable once I have a cardigan on anyway. The other two fit like a glove and are absolutely perfect. Everything I hoped they'd be and you'll definitely be seeing pictures as I wear them, which I'm sure will be in the next few days because I never can wait to wear a new dress!

On the subject of dresses, I'll leave you with this. Its another vintage one I purchased from Ebay a couple of weeks ago and wore it for the first time yesterday. I really need a better belt to go with it, but I only own black or red so I went with the black and wore black shoes as well.

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