Thursday, 29 August 2013

Make Hay While the Sun Shines (Buy Pretty Things)

I don't feel as though I was as productive today as I have been other days. I'm kind of down to all the nasty annoying bits of assignments that have been continually put off because I didn't want to deal with them. Who knew leaving all the worst bits until the last minute would be a bad idea!
So I put in like a ten hour day or something stupid at the library. I was working so slowly though, and getting progressively more frustrated with each passing hour that didn't yield the results I wanted. I did finish one assignment though and made some progress on the others. Three left to go now! I swear I've been down to three twice already and then been given another assignment, but I'm pretty sure I've now been given all the assignments I'm meant to do for this term and now its just powering through and completing them. It shouldn't be too bad. Two of the assignments I have left are probably 80-90% completed, so the bulk of my work is going to be on my report comparing two different types of libraries. I feel like I need to go back to the first one I visited because at that stage we hadn't been given the assessment criteria for the assignment so a lot of my notes are pretty useless. I think another visit would help a lot.

So onto things that hopefully won't bore you to tears! I wore the second of my Modcloth dresses today. This one is by a brand called Maitai and I'm having trouble finding a website for them. I did find one but the font of the name is different than on the tag of my dress and it doesn't have any dresses I recognise from Modcloth on there to confirm I'm looking at the right label. So unfortunately due to my lack of ace detective skills I can't link you to the website of the brand.
I know you're probably sick of hearing me say the words "I love this dress", but I love this dress! I know I say that a lot lately but hey, I wouldn't be buying them if I didn't really like them and there's always that worry that an item purchased online might not quite meet your expectations. This dress actually exceeded them. It was described as being made of lycra on the Modcloth page, so I was expecting something similar to my other skater dresses which are fairly cheap and the sort of fabric you might expect bike shorts to be made of. The fabric on this dress is much thicker, and doesn't have that super matte quality to it where you know after a few washes it will have faded considerably. It really is great for me as with all my lumps and bumps a thicker fabric is more flattering. The cut is amazing, it hugs around my bust and waist and then flares out, skimming my hips and bum. It was super comfy for another long day of squirming around on a super uncomfy desk chair. The colour is gorgeous, the pink has kind of a whisper of lavender to it. Maybe that's just my crazy eyes, but while it definitely is a soft musky pink, it has a hint of being a touch purpley. I love the pattern, yes I've been very into florals lately and I feel very fortunate they they along with polka dots are so in right now. I need to stock up before something else becomes more fashionable and the plethora of gorgeous prints fizzles out.

I'll shut up now and show you pictures! :)

And can we all please just take a moment to appreciate these adorable little hair clips I found while on my lunch break yesterday! They match the dress so well, I couldn't resist buying them.


  1. Another great Modcloth find! I love how you belted it too, it works so well with your black leggings :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. This is a great dress and I love your lavendar hair. You have great style x

    1. Thanks a bunch! I appreciate you coming and checking mine out too :)


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