Saturday, 6 July 2013

Treasures and Trinkets

My best friend's parents got back from an overseas cruise recently and today I took the kids over to see them for the first time since they got back. They gave me several lovely little souvenirs and I thought I'd share them on here.

I'm pretty sure its mandatory to bring keychains back from any overseas trip. I don't think customs will let you back in the country until they confirm you've returned with a sufficient amount of keychains to cover all of your loved ones. This was mine from Holland.

From Antwerp they brought back this lovely little charm bracelet. It features, an anchor, a sail ship or boat, a heart, the statue of Brabo, and what I think is the Cathedral of Our Lady.

In all the flurry of keeping track of the gifts being given to myself and my kids, I missed the story on this bangle. I think its from Israel, however I could be wrong. I'll check next time I see them! In any case its very cute. Also you can see my little skull guy poking out, he's not part of the bangle, but he does live on my favourite bracelet :)

One of my favourite souvenirs was this adorable little porcelain figure. I have a little kitty in this same style that I bought from a Turkish store in Melbourne a few years ago and I love it. So I was thrilled to get these cute little guys to match. This one is from Amsterdam.

From Egypt they brought me two souvenirs, the first being this Cleopatra headdress. I'm really not sporting the best hairstyle to wear this with, but its really cute and makes me want to have a flapper costume party lol. I think it would be a great accessory for that! (Also, as an aside, I think the headband curls are looking pretty good!)

The second gift from Egypt is also another favourite of mine. Its this gorgeous painting in the style of the ancient Egyptian artwork. It combines my love of kitties, ancient Egypt and GLITTER!

And finally, a bonus gift the my awesome best friend bought for me! For ages I've been wanting one of these shimmer sprays from The Body Shop, but I always felt I just couldn't justify spending the money on it. But she surprised me with one today ^_^ Now I can leave a magical cloud of pixie dust wherever I go! Thanks bunches Snow White!!! :3

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  1. i love bringing back little treats from places i have been ,my Finace usually gets annoyed waiting around for me to find the perfect trinket to bring home (he calls it tat!!)

    great post hunny



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