Monday, 22 July 2013

Back to School

So today was the first day of the new semester and I started my TAFE course. I'm studying Information and Cultural Services, which is all about libraries, museums and art galleries. The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is one of my favourite places in the world, and I have a general love of museums and libraries. It would be a bit of a dream to one day work in a museum, and I think I could also be extremely happy in a library, particularly a school library. I have a huge love of reading and I spent many hours in my schools' libraries growing up.

So my first class was today, and apparently its only myself and one other lady in the unit so we get lots of personal attention from the lecturer. I really enjoyed today, and I know my excitement will probably wain somewhat once I get into the actual assignments and whatnot, but I think overall this course is going to be interesting and fun. I have more classes tomorrow which I'm looking forward to!

I got a chance to wear my pretty peach cardigan today with an outfit that actually matched it. I wore my new birdy dress which I like ever so much. I love birds and have a few bird-print dresses now. I should start a collection. One day I will own all the birdy dresses IN THE WORLD! Okay maybe not, but I do love birds, so bird prints make me happy.

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