Sunday, 21 July 2013


I really do love karaoke. We went again tonight and had loads of fun. There was a far-too-drunk young guy bothering everyone and making a fool of himself, but other than that the night was awesome. We used to go to karaoke every Wednesday as well, but we quit when the weather got too hot for sitting around outdoors, and just never got into the habit of going back when the weather cooled down again. So we're thinking we might start going again while temperature permits.

Just a short one tonight because I'm terribly tired and looking forward to sleep! I was really happy to get to wear one of my new outfits today, AND my magical Sportsgirl lipgloss that I bought the other day. Its the sparkliest thing in the world! It looks awesome over my Dragon lipstick. It doesn't show up as well as I'd like in photos, but in real life its just gorgeous. It has loads of glitter and lovely orange, gold and pink iridescent sheen. I'll take the time to get better photos of it sometime soon.

Clockwise from left: Shameless selfie; New shoes (love); Best pic I could get of the lipgloss;
Failed attempt at photographing my whole outfit

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