Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Curse You Steam Sales!

So anyone into video games knows its that time of year. Steam goes all out with their huge Summer Sale, and gamers weep for their rapidly dwindling funds. I own something around 150 games on Steam, and I swear the Summer Sales over the past couple of years have been responsible for probably more than 75% of those games. I just can't resist! When I see a game that's got 75% or 90% off I just have to buy it. I don't even get around to playing half of them, but if there's a good game on sale for less than $5 I can't help myself. Its less than the cost of a cup of coffee for heaven's sake, and its there for me to play on a rainy day. Many people joke about having a similar problem, unable to resist they're amazing sales and having more games than they can ever play.

I've actually been really good so far and haven't bought any YET. But as I type there are four games in my cart waiting to be purchased. The store is so overloaded with traffic I'm having trouble checking out! But the total of my purchase is under $15 so I don't feel too guilty about my intended purchase. One of the games I've wanted for over a year, I've just never managed to catch it when it was on sale, so I'm not letting it slip by this time!

In other news, I went grocery shopping tonight and in the health and beauty aisle I saw the cutest little set of two headbands. Side by side in the pack, it looked as though the bow was on the pink headband, but when I removed them from the packaging it turned out the bow was actually on the pearl headband. I thought that made the pink one rather plain, so I carefully unstuck the glue holding the bow in place and swapped it over from the pearl to the pink. I prefer it this way, makes them look better on their own rather than just as a set.


  1. Oh my I love your hair! That's the perfect shade of purple :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. Thank you! I was experimenting with a different Fudge shade than I normally use. Its a tiny dollop of Blueberry Hill diluted with loads of conditioner. I thought it was a much more blue-based purple which is why I've never tried it before, but turns out its quite nicely pinkish!


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