Sunday, 21 July 2013


It recently came to my attention that I have hardly any cardigans that aren't black. My navy blue one recently emerged from the washing machine with a HUGE tear in it (sadness), my favourite red one went missing awhile ago never to be seen again, and on top of that three quarters of my clothes are in storage and unable to be used for now. So with my desperate cardigan shortage in mind, I decided to have a look for new ones while I was shopping at Target. Fortunately for me, it seems that they were having a clearance on quite a wide range of cardigans, and I ended up going home with three for well less than half their original price. It was actually really hard to narrow it down, but I really couldn't justify splurging on any more than that. I reluctantly returned to the rack a nice, darker pink one that was SO soft. I ended up buying a new red one, a blue, and a peachy pink.

I wear cardigans everywhere, everyday, so it actually is important to me to have a decent selection. These new ones are really very pretty and I love them all for their own reasons. The colour of the peach one is gorgeous, I love the buttons on the sleeve of the red, and the light weight and pattern of the blue is perfect. I should really stay away from Target. If I'm not tempted by anything for me I'm drawn to the kids' section to buy clothes for my little ones. They have the most adorable girls dresses and skirts, and when they're on clearance they're damn near irresistible!

I know the peach doesn't really go with my black dress,
but I couldn't be bothered changing. Forgive me!

It really is quite a bright blue, contrary to what backlighting
would have you believe

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