Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Feeling Good

Today was actually a really nice day. I woke up feeling less like a zombie than usual even though I didn't get a lot of sleep. Once I was ready and left the house the weather was sooooo nice. The temperature was in the early 20's and there was a nice breeze. Pretty close to my ideal which is around the 15-20 degree mark. It simply doesn't get cold up here, which is a bummer. I really love coats and scarves and gloves and everything wintery. I can't wait to move somewhere with real seasons again!

It was my second day of classes and the start of two more units. I got there early so I could have a leisurely coffee and read until class started. Unfortunately the coffee is rather awful, very watery and just not rich at all, but now I know for next time that my coffee will need to be acquired off-campus. I'm doing four units in total and I've now attended the first class for three of them. I'm finding it really enjoyable and the assignments sound like they'll be interesting and fun. We're going to have some visits to different libraries and the museum and stuff like that to learn bits about the trade. The classes have all been rather small so far which I think is great. Gives us all plenty of opportunity to talk and have our ideas heard and get feedback and stuff.

I went for a brief bike ride this afternoon, but my bike was making a weird grinding sound and my muscles were whinging from yesterday so I came home pretty quickly. The grinding turned out to be from the chain guard, it was bent inward slightly and was rubbing slightly on the chain, although the noise was only coming periodically so it wasn't bent enough to rub constantly. I feel a bit lame coming home so quickly, but whatever. A little exercise is better than none at all and it will help me gradually get more fit.

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