Friday, 27 September 2013

Sick! *cough cough*

I've been pretty sick this week. I've had a cold which has mostly been congestion and head/muscle aches but today progressed to coughing and loss of ability to make proper sounds from my throat beyond airy squeaks and honks. I was meant to donate blood tomorrow but had to call up and cancel the appointment and the poor lady who answered my call had a hard time hearing me. Anyway despite the coughing today my muscle aches seem to have gone and my throat isn't as sore as it has been other days, so hopefully I'm on the road to recovery.

I finished up the two business units I had to take and emailed off the assignments for each of them yesterday. Hopefully they're to the lecturer's satisfaction and I can cross them off my list! I'm also still waiting for the grades to be uploaded for 3 other units I've done this term. I'm sure they're all fine and I've passed, but I really need to SEE it there to be satisfied. I'm very much a list person and being able to see the list of things I need to complete get smaller and smaller gives me a real sense of accomplishment.


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