Saturday, 14 September 2013

Books and Birdies

I took the day off of studying yesterday and sat in bed watching Gossip Girl all day. I stopped watching back in early season 4 and haven't watched again since, so now I'm playing catch up because I'm sick of avoiding spoilers and not knowing how everything turned out. I admit, I watch the show with equal parts interest and frustration. I get so annoyed at the characters when they completely fail to talk things out in situations where just explaining themselves would solve everything. USE YOUR WORDS, PEOPLE! But I can't resist finding out what happens. Stupid Chuck and Blair suck me in every time!

So today I was back at it bright and early, went to the library and spent most of the day working on stuff. Unfortunately due to lack of sleep I wasn't very focused and didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. But I'll go back Monday and try to be more productive. I've really only got the two new assignments from the business units to deal with. They seem pretty straight forward, so hopefully they won't be too much work.

Today while at the library I took a walk to the vending machine to grab a drink and made a new friend. This little butcher bird hopped right up to me, only about a meter away and kept tilting his head from side to side inquisitively, waiting for me to feed him something. I didn't give him any food, although he was super adorable and I was very tempted! But I did take a couple of pictures of him being cute. Sorry they're a little blurry! I was using my phone and it obviously wasn't focusing too well.

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