Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Holiday is as Good as a Change

I'm lucky enough to be going on a trip to the Gold Coast in less than 2 weeks There's a big cluster of family birthdays mashed into a couple of weeks, so its a big birthday holiday. We were sitting down chatting about it the other day and loads of reasons were offered up as to why we're looking forward to the holiday, legitimate reasons like getting to stay in a big fancy holiday home, visiting theme parks, eating at new restaurants, swimming every day, and it made me laugh to think that the thing I'm most looking forward to is cooler temperatures! I honestly hate these days when its so hot you don't even need to be doing anything to break a sweat. Its always humid and stuffy and just feels disgusting. I hate the heat, I HATE IT! Many people love the summer, but I am most definitely not one of them. I'd rather be shivering than sweating any day. One of the first things I did when the trip was booked was look up the local averages for that time of year. I was so beyond pleased to see the average min and max temperatures for the month being 17-26 degrees (which is roughly 62-79 in Fahrenheit). I seriously can't wait to be able to walk out of the house in the morning and delight in the absence of the wall of wet heat I encounter here.

I also feel like I'm in a bit of a rut lately. I'm not being particularly productive with my time nor am I doing anything especially enjoyable. I feel like a holiday (even a short one) will help pull me out of this shitty routine. What better way out of a funky funk!

I'll tell you what I'm not looking forward to, PACKING! I feel like trying to pack all of my makeup and hair junk is going to be a nightmare. Ugh its exhausting just thinking about it. I'm only going for 5 days, but I'm one of those people who has to be prepared for every possible situation, which means bringing a lot of crap "just in case". I really need to get my hands on one of those magical bottomless carpet bags like Mary Poppins had. So unfair that's being kept from the public!

I'm going to try and get back to outfit photos this week. I misplaced the charger for my camera battery, but I found it today so my camera lives again! Not a moment too soon either. I had two new Lindy Bop dresses arrive today which I'm looking forward to showing off.

Hope everyone is well!

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  1. It'll be nice to get away to somewhere cooler - and yes and Mary Poppins bag would be most excellent :)
    Hey, I lost my camera battery last week too - it turned up yesterday under the radiator at work of all places (no idea!) and I'd already placed an order for a new one - oh well, it'll be handy to have two!

    Have fun in the coolness lovely x


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