Monday, 13 January 2014

Peaches and Cream

I had a family birthday dinner to attend and I was dying to wear my new skirt. Its soooooooooooo (infinity) beautiful. The fabric feels gorgeous and silky and has just the right weight to it where it flutters in the breeze but won't blow away completely, and its such pretty colours. I wish I could buy 20 copies of it for when this one eventually wears out or gets damaged. My outfit made me think of peaches and cream and I felt equally delicate and delicious :D

So one of my favourite models Tess Munster (blog here and facebook page here) will be coming to Australia and doing makeup classes in Sydney and Melbourne. CURSE LIVING IN DARWIN!!! I'd have loved the chance to meet her. Nothing exciting ever happens here, its too far out of the way so whenever bands or plays or shows of whatever kind are touring they rarely come here. One day I'll get out of this damn town lol.

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