Saturday, 11 January 2014


Merry christmas! Happy new year! All that holiday nonsense! Yes, yes, I know I'm late. How was everyone's holiday season? Hope you all had a good time with friends and family wherever you are.
I've been busy moving house. I'm much happier here. The house is brand new and just feels so fresh and full opportunity.  I love my new room. It's small but I was able to get some new furniture and get some of my stuff out of storage to make it pretty. You may have noticed I'm a biiiiiiiit of a girly girl, but I'm also an overgrown child so I have stuffed toys and ponies and all the pretties that were in storage while I was living at the old place. It's very bright and airy, even at night, and I'm loving being in ultra-super-girl-mode.

I also FINALLY got my latest order from Modcloth. I ordered it back in November and it took aaaaaages getting here. I'm super happy with it though, my favourite order to date I'd say! I just picked them up yesterday afternoon and I can't wait to wear them. Everything fits really well and feels so nice on. I LOVE THEM ALL!!! The big question is: which do I wear first?! :)

So I hope everyone has had a great holiday period and that everyone is doing well now that the season's craziness is dying down. I've been super busy but now that the move is sorted out I can relax and enjoy the remainder of my holiday before going back to school in February. I'm looking forward to classes starting again, but at the same time I'm quite enjoying reading all night and sleeping half the day at the moment!

My favourite gift I received for christmas was a box set of the Song of Ice and Fire books. I've wanted to read them since I saw the first season of Game of Thrones but I never got around to buying myself the books and had loads of others to keep me occupied anyway. But now that I have them I'm addicted. I haven't had time to read them until last week, but I'm almost finished the second book and will probably be starting the third later today. I found the first book to be pretty faithful to the series as per my memory, but I feel like the second book has exercised a little more artistic liberty, although its possible I'm mis-remembering the series. I plan on watching it again though to refresh my memory. I'm looking forward to getting to the fourth book and beyond, I'm desperate to know what happens to some of the characters, although I'm equally terrified because these books do have a certain reputation! I'm sure everyone I'm most interested in will wind up dead far sooner than I'd like lol!

Hope everyone is well!

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