Thursday, 24 October 2013

Job Interview

I went to a job interview this morning. They got back to me this afternoon to let me know I didn't make it through to the next round of interviews. I'm immensely disappointed, but I did get some good feedback so hopefully another opportunity comes up soon and I can do better. It was done as a group interview with 5 interviewees including myself. We went around the table doing a bit of an introduction and had an informal chat about the books we'd all been reading, which was all very nice. We were then told we'd split into two groups and had 20 minutes to plan a "story time". If I'm honest, I know that what my group (of three people) planned wasn't that great, but what I had in my head was still better than what eventuated. It was just one of those unfortunate circumstances in which you can't really predict how its going to go wrong until it happens. I thought we were all clear on our roles and how it was going to work, but as I opened the book and began to read and saw what my group members were doing, I realised we had different ideas. I assumed that giving 100% was a given, but one of the ladies seemed very self-conscious and it just didn't go the way I'd hoped it would. But as I said, I got some good feedback and I know what I can do better next time, so even though I'm bummed I didn't get the job, there is a silver lining.

At least I looked nice! :p

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