Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rain, Libraries and Dinners Out

We had some wild weather here yesterday. A storm this time of year is not news, but this one brought sudden heavy wind and even hail in some suburbs which is very uncommon! There's a lot of bushland in my neighbourhood and today on my way out to dinner I saw loads of branches and even whole trees which had been brought down in yesterday's gale. A tree fell in the backyard of my friend's neighbour, fortunately the tree missed her yard, though their other neighbour was not so lucky and the falling tree destroyed their shed.

Yesterday I had my second day of work experience at the school library. It didn't feel quite as busy as last week, probably because I was focused on two main tasks for most of the day rather than skipping around as I was the previous week. I managed to finish compiling the list of books assigned a lexile number and I also finished checking the catalogue entries for a certain area of the library, making sure everything was accurate and up to date. The librarian suggested I organise an activity for the pre-schoolers to do during their library lessons, which is really exciting for me, but also a huge challenge as the kids are very young and I'm just not sure what I can do to for them which will be interesting and engaging but also quick and easy. I've got my thinking cap on for that one!

I went out to dinner tonight and had a really nice time. I ate a huge steak and enjoyed every bite. I was very tempted to get some dessert, but I had such a big dinner that I felt it would probably be overkill. I really hate having to think so much about what I'm eating, but obviously not thinking about it and just eating whatever I wanted did me no favours! I've let myself get to an unhealthy state, and I do feel good for being more conscientious, but when I go out for dinner I do sometimes wish I could just forget about being good! I decided to wear a dress tonight that I haven't worn in probably a couple of months. I don't even really know why I haven't worn it, probably just because I don't like the slip that I have to wear underneath, the dress is too sheer to go without one.

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