Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm not exactly sure what to write in this first entry.
My life has been a roller coaster for quite some time, but I'm feeling positive about the changes to come. There are a lot of things that need improving, but I'm now studying, working on losing weight, becoming healthier and happier, and planning a move to a place that doesn't drive me completely up the wall.

I'm currently living in Darwin. After a lifetime of moving around a lot I ended up settling (read stuck in) Darwin. It may be great for some people, but it certainly isn't my cup of tea. I spent a majority of my life in large cities and that's where I like to be. I'm still keeping my options open as to where exactly I'll go when I move, but right now Melbourne seems most likely.

I've seen some gorgeous blogs on here and elsewhere. It would be lovely to be half as successful as some of those that I admire, but in all likelihood this will be an exercise of catharsis and little more. But I'm okay with that. Having a trail of breadcrumbs to show my journey from A to B is a nice thought.

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